According to Holman, legalities in tax timelines make this situation hard to maneuver within in regards to a referendum for the facility. The June 5 deadline has passed for a referendum for this coming November election, however, according to the department of revenue, this doesn’t necessarily mean a referendum on raising a tax levy is out. Holman did, however, explain that a special election on another date is likely out of the question.

“In general, it looks to be exceedingly difficult, and/or impossible, depending on who you talk to, to actually get a referendum held for exceeding the levy limit,” explained Holman to county supervisors.” It’s unique to the counties — municipalities have held referendums to exceed the levy, but they’re on a different timeline.”

However, sorting through legalities and state statutes will continue to take time, as county officials will hope to set a referendum regarding raising the levy on funding for the center.

“I’m also realistic to understand that if we move forward with this…to get the health care center towards that direction of a referendum and prepare for it, it would require a great deal of outreach to the municipalities to partner along with us.” said District 3 County Supervisor Meleesa Johnson.