By Joe Bachman

STEVENS POINT — Planning members have moved forward with an approval of a new five-story senior living apartment complex.

Proposed by General Capital Acquisitions LLC, the complex would sit on the corner of Water and Third Streets, close by Edgewater Manor. In total, the building will consist of 88 units as a mixed-use property. The first floor will consist of non-residential use, as well as for covered parking.

According to the city’s agenda on the item:

“The proposed development is quite unique in that it creates needed housing in downtown and the community, fully utilizes the site, and offers attractive aesthetics from a design standpoint.”

“I am very excited about this project,” said District 1 Alder Tori Jennings. “Not only the multi-use, but the multi-income aspect of it is wonderful. I want to thank the developer for a focus on active-living for seniors.”

According to city documents, the complex will contain approximately 106 bedrooms, (70 1BR and 18 2BR) and anticipates completion in the fall of 2020. The locations will be at 1443 and 1447 Water St.

A final decision will come at this month’s common council.